Hex Rubber Dumbbells

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BeyondRX gear Hex dumbbell range are built with the very highest quality steel and rubber. Strong knurled handles, ergonomically shaped for you comfort. The bonus of them being rubber on the ends is that it protects you and the floor. Starting at 5kgs and rising in 2.5kg intervals to 30kgs.

Dumbells are sold in pairs.

If you’re doing the CrossFit open, we’ve got you covered.

Hex dumbbells are probably the most versatile bit of kit you could ever have. Throw two in the car with an ab mat and skipping rope and you’ve got the best portable gym and because of their shape they won’t roll around on the floor during a devils press for example.  

Dumbbells turned up in the open not so long ago and took everyone by surprise, get training with these now!

  • Made with ultra-durable engineered fabrics
  • Thick padded shoulder straps for sustained comfort and optimized load distribution
  • One size fits all with adjustable waist straps
  • Laser-cut, black painted steel plate sets with carry handles that can be removed at will to vary the weight of your vest 
  • Thick 45mm internal capacity for up to 40kg load
  • Extra thick airflow panels in the rear, shoulders, and front of the vest to improve air circulation and wick away sweat in tough workouts
  • NEW reinforced nylon stitching to withstand the most punishing conditions and abuse
  • Front velcro pocket for phone, keys, map, storage or other essentials particularly useful for outdoor workouts
  • Front velcro hook & loop attachments for customized patches
  • Laser-cut MOLLE webbing for additional attachments
  • Water-resistant coating 
  • Free BeyondRX velcro patch with every order

Plate sets:

  • Each vest weighs 2kg without plates*
  • 7kg vest = 2x 2.5kg plates inside
  • 10kg vest = 2x 4kg plates inside
  • 15kg vest = 2x 6.5kg plates inside
  • 20kg vest = 2x 9kg plates inside
  • 40kg vest = 4x 9kg plates + 1x 4kg plate inside

Which weight do I need?

  • The standard weight for women is 7kg
  • The standard weight for men is 10kg
  • 40kg weights are designed for those who wish to incorporate back squats, vest curls, and many other movements with their vest. They have a highly variable plate set inside so that they can get the most value out of their vest by adding or removing weight.

 How do I put on the vest?

  • Simply open the two small velcro tabs underneath the front panel, open it up, then slot the vest over your head.

Please see our guide for how to use and care for your weighted vest.


Made with ultra-durable engineered fabrics. Thick padded shoulder straps for sustained comfort and optimised load distribution.

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