Premium Pull-up Bars

Our brand new pull-up bar / mini rig system! Situated well away from the wall of your home, this is ideal for kipping movements such as muscle ups, toe to bar, kipping pull-ups, or any other pull-up variant. You can also attach bands, rings, and other equipment as necessary.

  • UK sourced and cut galvanized steel
  • Generously coated with black textured paint for a smooth, hand-rip free, finish
  • Extra long support struts for lifetime durability
  • Modular design for quick assembly
  • 6 wall mounting points for superior load distribution and longevity

Dimensions will be available soon, and these currently have a 15 day delivery time (from day of order) due to COVID-19 and supply issues. This is a super limited run of just 25 units, so don't delay! 



Disclaimer: customers are fully responsible for ensuring the surface they attach the product too is capable of bearing the product weight and the additional weight of any users. BeyondRX Ltd will not be liable for any damages or other events as a result of affixing the product to an unsuitable surface. An example of an unsuitable surface is plasterboard, but there are many more. Buy purchasing this product you agree to these terms.