The Complete Guide To Using A Weighted Vest For Running

The Complete Guide To Using A Weighted Vest For Running

Why use a weighted vest for running?

Add a weighted vest to your running workouts and you’ll take things to a whole new level, skyrocketing your fitness and torching more calories. Here’s how to use a weighted vest for running.

If you’re into CrossFit or other types of functional fitness training, you’ll see people wearing their weighted vest for running WODs or for extra cardio training. You’ve probably spotted plenty of Insta selfies, too, with people running in a weighted vest. It’s obviously popular. But why do it? What are the benefits, and is it the right choice for your training goals?

The benefits of running in a weighted vest

The obvious benefit is that adding weight to your body during running means you work harder.  This extra effort gets your muscles, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system to work harder. You'll burn extra calories and force more of an adaptation as your body responds to the stimulus.

Running in a weighted vest can also help you develop a better running posture, build muscular endurance, and could even translate to faster running times.

But there’s another reason why running in a weighted vest is beneficial. It’s the most convenient and comfortable way to add excess load to your running workouts. Think about it – how else can you add 7kg-40kg to your body whilst keeping your arms free? A weighted vest is made for the job.

5 tips for running in your weighted vest

1.) Choose a sensible weight

There’s a reason our weighted vests come in five different weight options, from 7kgs up to 40kgs. Not everyone wants or needs the same weight, especially for running. Choose a weight that will challenge you but still allow you to get the work done. Remember, it’s a training tool not a torture device!

2.) Get the fit right

Before you head off on a 5K run or attempt Murph in a weighted vest, get the fit right. Your weighted vest should sit close to your body, snug but not tight, with the straps fixed to the Velcro panel under the front flap.

3.) Make it comfortable

Our weighted vests are super comfortable (not all brands are!) Make sure your weighted vest will sit comfortably whist you’re running, without bouncing about on your chest or moving from side to side.

4.) Adopt the right mindset

Running in a weighted vest is going to feel different. It will be tough. So get your mind in the game. Think like an athlete, be focused, and stick with it. Enjoy the challenge!

5.) Use the pockets!

Our weighted vests have a large front pocket, perfect for your keys, phone, and other essentials, so you can run hands-free. Make sure you use it!

5 CrossFit WODs that include running

Griff: for time – 800m run, 400m run (backwards), 800m run, 400m run (backwards)

Manion: 7 rounds for time – 400m run, 29 back squats

Nancy: 5 rounds for time – 400m run, 15 overhead squats

Nicole: 20-minute AMRAP – 400m run, max pull ups

Rosa: 5 rounds for time – 10 handstand push ups, 400m run

The best weighted vest for running WODs

Do you want a weighted vest for running, or for WODs that include running? When you’re looking for a weighted vest to wear for running WODs, choose carefully.

You can tell BeyondRX is a team of CrossFitters. Our weighted vests are perfect for WODs that combine running with other movements like burpees, kettlebell swings, or barbell work. Their flat profile and snug fit mean you can lie on the floor, move about, and quickly shift from one position to another. You’ll (almost!) forget you’ve got it on!

Check out our complete range of weighted vests here.

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