How to wear and care for your Weighted Vest

How to wear and care for your Weighted Vest

How to put your new weighted vest on and care for it

The definitive guide to protecting your vest from accidental damage, putting it on safely, and keeping it clean.

Protecting your vest and things to avoid

The BeyondRX weighted vests are built with high quality materials, and existing weak points and stitching have been reinforced. They are built for battlefield environments and tough tactical training, including CrossFit workouts, but are not invincible. It is important that the vest is treated correctly, much like barbells and other equipment, to avoid unnecessary damage. 

  • Do not drop the vest after a workout, or at any stage of ownership. Dropping the vest adds momentum to the plates inside and, whilst we have rounded the corners, this energy can sometimes cause damage. If you have a vest of 15kg or heavier, this is more likely to result in damage. This is similar to barbell technology where, whilst bearings are designed to take punishment (like the vest), dropping an empty barbell or the wrong sort of barbell can cause extensive internal damage.
  • Do not take the vest off and drop one side whilst holding the other. This transmits all of the force from the side of the vest plummeting toward the ground to the shoulder straps, which are not built for taking impact. The shoulder pads hold our breathable cushioning.
  • Do not pick up the vest by the adjustable side straps alone. These straps are designed to maximize the comfort of your vest and to provide an adjustable fit. They are not designed for load-bearing and are likely to rip with this sort of abuse.

How to put your vest on

To put your vest on, first locate the two velcro tabs underneath the front of the vest, in each corner. Open these, and open the adjustable straps up. Now, pick up the vest and slot it over your head. Then, simply grab the straps and re-attach them to the front of the vest, and then fold the front panel back down. Make sure you re-attach the two velcro tabs underneath this panel also.

How to clean your vest

If you've just come back from a tough mudder or spartan race, or you fell into the chalk bucket at the gym, you'll be okay. You can wash your vest with warm water and scrub at any ingrain dirt. Do not use bleaching agents as this may dis-colour the vest. You must remove the weight plates from the vest before you put the vest inside your washing machine or hang it on a drying rack, if you make the decision to do either at your sole discretion.

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