How To Get A Better Workout From Your Weighted Vest

How To Get A Better Workout From Your Weighted Vest

Everything you need to know about your new weighted vest

 The day you invest in a weighted vest is the day you take your functional training to the next level. Having a weighted vest says a lot about you. You don’t exercise, you train. You’re not a gym member, you’re an athlete. You want to get the most from every moment of a workout.

 If this is your first weight vest, you probably have a lot of questions. Like “which workouts can I do in a weighted vest?”, and “what are the benefits of wearing a weighted vest?” Maybe you even want to ask “how exactly do I put on a weighted vest?”

 We’re here to answer all those questions and more. Grab your vest and read our weighted vest 101.

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How To Choose A Weighted Vest

 Not all weighted vests are the same. You’ll be wearing yours for CrossFit WODs, functional workouts, maybe even running. You need a vest that’s comfortable, sits well, and doesn’t rub. Our “plate carrier” weighted vests are like body armour, with a flat metal plate on the front and back, padded straps, and Velcro fastenings so the vest sits flat on the body without excess movement. You can run, jump, and even do burpees in our vests! 

What Weight Is Right For You?

 One of the questions we get asked is “what weight of weighted vest should I get?” We stock weighted vests in 7kgs, 10kgs, 15kgs, 20kgs, and 40kgs. 7kgs is great for beginners, first time weight vest owners, or anyone who wants a vest that can be used for most WODs. 7kg is the Crossfit standard for Women and 10kg for Men. 15kgs is for those looking for an even greater challenge!

Once you get into the 20kgs and 40kgs you are talking serious hard work. Our heavier vests are popular with advanced athletes, military people, and firefighters.

Choosing a weighted vest is a bit like choosing which kettlebell you’ll use in a WOD. You want to get one you know you can use with confidence and good form. It’s better to feel that you’ve gone a bit too light than struggle with something too heavy. You can always add extra weights plates to our vests anyway!

Features To Look For In A Weighted Vest

  • Padding: look for a weight vest that has padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Even weight distribution: flat plates mean the weight is distributed across your torso, with no pressure on your chest (and no bouncing or movement)
  • Fastenings: our weighted vests fasten securely at the front and are quick to get off
  • Weights: flat “plate” style weights like the ones we use are the most comfortable and practical choice
  • Scalability: you might want to go heavier one day, so choose a vest that can take more weight over time. You can get more weight plates sets from us, ranging from 5kgs to 18kgs extra at
  • Ease of use: choose a vest that is easy to get on and off so you don’t waste time during a WOD
  • Pockets: our weighted vests have a large pocket at the front, ideal for keys, phone, and other essentials – freeing up your hands when you are walking or running
  • Space for patches: everyone loves a patch (or several!) so be sure to choose a vest with plenty of Velcro space for your BeyondRX patch and others 

The Best Exercises With A Weighted Vest

Bodyweight exercises: press ups, burpees, inverted rows or ring rows, planks

Lower body moves: air squats, jump squats, walking lunges, jumping lunges, step ups, box jumps

CrossFit workouts: most WODs can be done in a vest for an extra challenge. Body weight only WODs are always a great choice for weighted vest work. Some CrossFit moves (skipping, pull ups, barbell work) are more challenging in a vest, but not impossible. BeyondRX vests lie flat to your body, so you can even do burpees and sit ups in your vest.

Bonus Ways To Use Your Weighted Vest

Walking! People often forget that adding a weighted vest for a walk is a great way to expend more calories, build cardiovascular fitness, and work on lower body strength. Our vests are great for walking – the large front pocket will easily take keys, phone, even dog walking stuff to free up your hands.

Get Started – Putting Your Weight Vest On

Here’s how to put your new BeyondRX weighted vest on like a pro.

1 Open up the waist straps, and hold the vest with the pocket at the front

2 Place it over your head and settle it comfortably on your shoulders

3 Lift the front flap and bring the side straps around your waist

4 Secure the ends of the side straps onto the Velcro material under the front flap

5 Press the flap down over the side straps and use the tabs on the flap to close i

Got any questions about wearing or using your BeyondRX tactical weighted vest? We want you to have the best experience with our products – so shoot us an email with any queries.

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