Discover The BeyondRX Mindset

Discover The BeyondRX Mindset

We go BeyondRX so you can train harder and always push your limits

What is BeyondRX? It doesn’t mean going further than the prescribed workout on the whiteboard. It doesn’t mean being the fittest or fastest athlete in your box.

BeyondRX is a mindset which says you’ll set your sights on something and chip away at it until it’s done. It’s an ethos which embraces lifelong learning and endless progress. It’s a mentality that welcomes being humbled by an opportunity to grow.

BeyondRX as a brand was born out of our CrossFit box, but its roots are in our experiences as athletes, business people, partners, parents, and human beings.

We know what it’s like to fail, get up, and try again – even when there’s nobody there to see.

Going BeyondRX means courage, determination, loyalty, and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.

Those who choose the BeyondRX brand are team players with a mind of their own. They work tirelessly for their own goals, but would drop it all in a heartbeat to help a fellow athlete.

They are adaptable. Strong. Good humoured. Willing to try.

They keep moving forward – at their own pace, but never leaving anyone behind.

BeyondRX takes the famous CrossFit spirit and offers it to anyone with an athlete’s mind, heart, and soul. Whether you train at home, in your garage gym, in a CrossFit box, alone, with others, or as a competitor – you will know if you are BeyondRX.

You are welcome here.


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