Are Weighted Vests Worth It?

Are Weighted Vests Worth It?

Have you ever thought about how you could get more from a workout? How you could push yourself, no matter what the movement is, and achieve more than you thought was possible? Well, you can. Weighted vests supercharge your progress and bring a completely new dynamic to your training.

What Does A Weighted Vest Do?

Simply put, it adds extra load to your body. A BeyondRX weighted vest adds anywhere from 7kg and 10kg, to 40kg of additional weight. This added resistance causes your cardiovascular system to work harder than normal. It puts additional strain on your body’s core stabilisers, such as your abs and obliques, and requires more effort from every muscle just to complete the same movement, giving you a far superior and more effective workout, in the same amount of time.

They are a highly versatile tool as they allow you to add progressive overload to bodyweight movements, like pull ups and push ups, improving your progression on these movements and making you fitter. You can use weighted vests in cardio, like running, to burn fat and lose weight, or in high intensity sprint work to develop explosive speed and power. Any movement you do with a weighted vest will increase your calorie burn and muscle development. 

Because of this versatility and consistent benefit, weight vests are very cost effective for the results. 

Benefits Of Weighted Vest 

  • Increased strength and endurance. As your body performs under higher weight, it will continuously adapt to the added pressure. Your heart and lungs will be working harder, and when you take the weighted vest off they will find movements much easier. This is the natural process of evolution, the adaptation of your body to challenging conditions. 
  • Greater cardiovascular health. The added load improves your conditioning, especially in running and cardio-based workouts, and will make you fitter in all aspects of your training.
  • A workout plateau buster. Have you ever noticed your progression slow down? You’re very fit, and very strong, and you can’t make gains as quickly as before? You need something tougher to adapt to, to push yourself toward. For these individuals, we recommend a 20kg BeyondRX weighted vest. Kickstart your adaptation and watch the results come in.
  • Accelerating fat loss and calorie burn. The added resistance will tax every aspect of your body. It will cause greater metabolic activity across your muscles and systems and thus you will burn far more calories than you would doing the same movement without a weighted vest, all in the same amount of time.
  • Developing your mindset. Training in a weighted vest is tough. You’ve deliberately disadvantaged yourself and made conditions tougher. If you can consistently complete workouts in a weighted vest, you are bulletproofing your mind and your athletic confidence, and you are on the road to becoming unstoppable. What else could you achieve? How can you make other workouts even tougher? How far can you take your own performance?

All in, weighted vests are extremely versatile. They offer concrete opportunities for serious progression and can be adopted at any level of fitness, at home, in a gym, or even just for outdoor training. This versatility represents great value for money and no doubt your weighted vest will be a tool for life.  Explore BeyondRX’s weighted vest to bring versatility to your own fitness plan. 

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