5 Beginner Weighted Vest WODs

5 Beginner Weighted Vest WODs

Wondering which workouts to do in your weighted vest? Get started here…

The Hero WOD: Murph

“Murph” is one of the best-known classic CrossFit Hero workouts, named after a Navy SEAL killed in action in Afghanistan. Murph is tough but totally doable – you just need to take it at your own pace and keep going. Curious to learn more about mastering Murph? Check out our Murph article here >>>

1 mile run

100 pull ups (or scale to burpees if you don’t have pull ups)

200 press ups (scale them to press ups from your knees)

300 air squats

1 mile run

[Score = time]


The Indoor Workout

Your weighted vest is a great way to take home workouts up a notch. Here’s one to do indoors if the weather isn’t playing ball.

5 rounds for time

21 air squats

15 kettlebell swings

21 sit ups

15 overhead press

[Score = rounds + reps]

The 21-15-9 Classic

21-15-9 is a rep range combination you’ll find in CrossFit boxes all over the world. 21-15-9 workouts take two or more different exercises and put them together to form an upper/lower workout with huge cardio effect. Try this simple 21-15-9 with your weight vest on. 

21-15-9 for time

Single arm snatches (use a kettlebell or dumbbell)

Press ups (scale to from your knees)

Air squats

[Score = rounds + reps] 

The Bodyweight Workout

No equipment? No problem. All you need for a great workout is your weighted vest and the right mindset.

7 rounds for time

7 burpees

7 sit ups

7 jumping squats (scale to air squats)

7 V-ups (scale to leg raises)

7 jumping lunges

[Score = rounds + reps] 


AMRAP (“as many reps/rounds as possible”) is a classic CrossFit scoring system. There are thousands of AMRAP workouts out there, but we really like this one with the addition of a weighted vest. 

AMRAP 12 minutes

5 burpees

10 press ups

15 air squats

[Score = reps]

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Got a favourite weighted vest workout? We’d love to hear from you!

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